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From the memorial forum...

In Memory Of My PA Friends
Sleep sound in "our buildings" guys. I miss you all.

Nathaniel Webb, Missing PA Police Officer
The spark I've carried for you all these years is what keep's me going. You were my first real love when I was a young girl of 20 and now that I am a grandmother of 53 the memories are what will get me thru this. Janice

Thoughts & Prayers
To all those who have suffered a loss in the WTC attack, you are in my thoughts and prayers. To those who lost members of FDNY, I would like to offer our deepest sympathy on behalf of the Indian Harbour Beach Volunteer Fire Department. FDNY's bravery and courage has lead the way for our country to go on after this tragedy. I am proud to be a Staten Islander, a New Yorker, an American and a firefighter.

Thomas Hannafin, NYFD
Rest in peace, you truly are a hero....

Words Cannot Express - Tom Sgroi
I prayed you weren't there. I was hoping it was that one day that you were working from home, on vacation with the kids, getting coffee, anything but in that building. The reality is you were there and I never had a chance to say I'm sorry for not being able to warn you. I am sorry I never had a chance to say I was so thankful to have a friend like you. I NEVER HAD A CHANCE TO SAY "GOODBYE". So today I am here, sitting in my office in downtown Manhattan, overlooking a barge being filled with the remains of what once was The World Trade Center where you worked on the 95th floor. And I am filled with anger that those evil men took you away. You were a beautiful person and I know you were probably helping everyone evacuate to their safety. That was the man you were and we will always remember that. Rest in Peace My Dear Friend. I know you are with the Lord. Til we meet again, Lisa

An extra Kiss at Night
From now on... When I put my young boys to bed at night...I give them both an extra kiss and a hug on the behalf of all those people who can no longer kiss their children or other loved ones goodnight....and I say an extra "sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite." Dan

We'll Miss You "Mom Green"
Wanda A. Green of Linden, NJ was one of the most kind and caring people on this earth. Her daughter, Jen, and I went to school together and we go to the same church. When you saw her, you just knew you were going to have a good day. She gave some of the best hugs and calling her "Mom Green" was just one way to show how close she was to my heart. We'll all miss her desperately, but we also know that she loved us and we were blessed to know her.

My friend Jeannine how I miss you so. Everyday I turn on my machine and pray that you sent me a email. Maybe you sent one just to say hello or to tell me how many more days until Christmas. Or maybe you sent one to find out how my son was doing and to ask if I was okay. I carry your photo near my heart and how I wished we could have yelled to you on the other side of phone to get out. If God has email maybe he can let you use it. Because I need an email from you today God Bless you Sheila Pisciotta

Where were you?
It may be stupid, but that is often how we start when we talk about these terrible national tragedies. I know that I will never forget the feeling of watching an airplane dive into a huge building full of people. I was at my computer in my bedroom working with CNN on the television behind me. I turned to look--and the world changed.

RIP Mike O'Brien
Still can't believe that you're gone. God certainly has big plans in store for you. I will always remember your smile and clever wit. I am so proud that I was part of your world. You will be be sadly missed.

I will raise a Guiness to Joe Doyle of Staten Island